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Our technology

ETAdvanced - Next Generation Power Management  

ETAdvanced, developed by Eta Devices, brings game-changing efficiency improvements to mobile smartphones, base stations and 802.11ac enabled devices.


Developed at MIT

The patented ETAdvanced technology builds on Asymmetric Multilevel Outphasing (AMO) developed at MIT by electrical engineering professors Joel Dawson and David Perreault, both co-founders of Eta Devices. Profs. Dawson and Perreault developed the breakthrough ETAdvanced transmitter architecture by combining their expertise in the fields of power electronics and power amplifiers.


State-of-the-art technology

ETAdvanced succeeds by bringing the full force of modern digital technology to bear on the problem of efficiency and linearity in radio transmitters. For narrowband applications, ETAdvanced is 25% more efficient than envelope tracking and the implementation is simpler given fewer components. Unlike envelope tracking, ETAdvanced supports ultra wideband channels of up to 160 MHz making the technology future proof by supporting both LTE Advanced and 802.11ac WiFi. This is unlike envelope tracking which only works up to 20-40 MHz - far short of the 100 MHz required by LTE Advanced and the 160 MHz utilized by 802.11ac.