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Nokia bolsters its base station power efficiency by acquiring Eta Devices
Oct 05, 2016

Nokia:  Nokia has acquired Eta Devices, a US-based start-up specializing in power amplifier efficiency solutions for base stations, access points and devices. Eta Devices will bolster Nokia's push to enhance base station energy efficiency, an increasingly important area for operators on the path to 4.9G and 5G.

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Going Green: High Efficiency GaN Amplifiers
May 13, 2016

Microwave Journal:  ETAdvanced enables base station transmitters to achieve the highest efficiency at peak power and the highest efficiency at back-off of any known technique .....

ETAdvanced has proven to retain its advantages for both high bandwidth (multi-carrier LTE) and high linearity (MC-GSM) applications.

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How mobile phones can save, not waste, energy
Sep 16, 2014

World Economic Forum:  How mobile phones can save, not waste, energy

Both base stations and smartphones regularly waste 70% of the energy consumed as heat.  ...

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The spiralling energy consumption behind your smart phone
Sep 10, 2014

Guardian:  The spiralling energy consumption behind your smart phone

Researchers are trying to address the mobile telecom industry’s dirty little secret by developing energy efficiency technology ...

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The Chip that will change the mobile market
May 27, 2014

EEWeb:  The chip that will change the mobile market

The company's breakthrough ETAdvanced power management technology enables mobile devices to be extremely power efficient ...

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Envelope tracking: a game-changer for smartphones?
Feb 24, 2014

EETimes:  Envelope tracking: a game-changer for smartphones?

Eta Devices, Inc., a spin-off from the electrical engineering department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is unveiling a envelope tracking platform technology, ETAdvanced, which the company claims will extend the battery life of smartphones by up to 50%.

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Chip Makers Vie to Power Faster Mobile Networks
Feb 23, 2014

WSJ: Chip Makers Vie to Power Faster Mobile Networks

Chip makers are racing to deliver the next major advance in cellular networks,

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Beyond CES Hype Lies a Big Battery Problem
Jan 07, 2014

MIT Technology Review: The Hottest Technology Not on Display at CES: Smart Radio Chips

Smartphone battle moves from software to hardware with a crucial component to cut power consumption and allow faster data transmission.

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Eta Symbolizes Efficiency
Jun 28, 2013

Microwave Journal: Executive Interview with new startup CTO and founder, Joel Dawson
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Eta Devices - Emerging Technology Spotlight
Jun 11, 2013

MIT Technology Review Mobile Summit 2013: Joel Dawson - Eta Devices - Emerging Technology Spotlight

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There's Already A Plan To Fix Your Smartphone's Terrible Battery Life
Mar 28, 2013

Business Insider: The biggest culprit is the radio that delivers wireless data over WiFi or your carrier's network, according to Joel Dawson, the CTO of a company called Eta Devices that has a method for better managing the way mobile devices consume power.
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Cree & Eta To Unveil 70% Efficient GaN PA For Mobile Base Stations
Feb 20, 2013

CS Compound Semiconductor: With the gallium nitride power amplifier, the two firms have established a new Industry standard with significant energy and carbon footprint reductions. Cree and Eta Devices will demonstrate what they claim is the world’s most efficient reported power amplifier for mobile base stations at the 2013 Mobile World Congress. Read more

New Heights In Amplifier Efficiency
Nov 21, 2012

rfglobalnet: Improving efficiency has long been and will continue to be a fundamental challenge in amplifier design for wireless infrastructure. Higher efficiency base stations require less power and heat dissipation, which reduces operating costs.
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New power amplifier design could double smartphone battery life
Nov 05, 2012

gizmag: Cell phones have come a long way in terms of battery life, but lets be honest, there's still plenty of room for improvement. The very fact that we talk about using a phone for eight hours as being good is, well, bad. While next-gen battery technologies present one solution to the dilemma, a new breakthrough from MIT spinoff Eta Devices takes a different tack – by improving power amplifier efficiency the company hopes to double the battery life of smartphones. Read more

Breakthrough could double smartphone battery life
Nov 02, 2012

NBC News Future Tech: Scenes of people charging gadgets on New York City sidewalks in Sandy’s wake are a powerful reminder of how lame battery life remains for today’s smartphones. A new MIT-spinout company is working on a technology that could keep you connected much longer when the next superstorm hits. Read more

Yet another promise of a smartphone battery breakthrough
Nov 02, 2012

Time Magazine Tech: Researchers tied to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say they’ve figured out how to double smartphone battery life, and the breakthrough has nothing to do with the battery itself.

Eta Devices, a spinout from MIT, claim that the power amplifiers in today’s smartphones are woefully inefficient, wasting as much as 65 percent of their energy. But as MIT’s Technology Review reports, the company is working on a smartphone chip that solves the efficiency problem. Read more

Efficient Power Amplifier Could Double Battery Life of Smartphones
Nov 01, 2012

Wired: MIT Technology Review reports that startup Eta Devices is bench testing a new power amplifier chip that consumes less power than those currently found in smartphones and base stations. Power amplifier chips transform electricity into radio signals and keep your smartphone connected to your carrier’s network. Read more

Company Creates New Power Amplifier Design in Smartphones for Greater Efficiency
Nov 01, 2012

Daily Tech: The technology will first be used to address power base stations in developing countries, where diesel-powered generators consume billions of dollars of fuel per year. Read more

Tech breakthrough may double smartphone life
Nov 01, 2012

cnet: An MIT spinoff says it's developed power amplifier technology that chooses the voltage that minimizes power consumption. The tech does this up to 20 million times per second, according to the MIT Technology Review. Read more

Engineers Promise a Single Tweak That Could Double Your Phone’s Battery Life
Nov 01, 2012

gizmodo: One of the single biggest things that chews through your phone’s battery is a component called a power amplifier. It’s a vital piece of technology that turns electricity into radio signals – but now a team of engineers from Cambridge, Massachusetts, says it can stop it eating into your battery life. Read more

Efficiency Breakthrough Promises Smartphones that Use Half the Power
Oct 31, 2012

Technology Review: A startup says it’s cracked a decades-old efficiency problem dogging wireless communications. Read more