Eta Devices

What we do

Breakthrough Performance

The breakthrough ETAdvanced power management technology solves the fundamental power challenges in the mobile communications industry. Our solutions bring substantial benefits to mobile handset makers, mobile infrastructure vendors and to the environment. 

Benefits for mobile base station vendors:
  • Significant power savings.
  • Ultra wideband support for LTE Advanced. 
  • Smaller base station cabinets.
  • Reduced equipment breakdown rates.

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Benefits for mobile handset manufacturers:
  • 50% longer battery life in smartphones.
  • 25% more efficient than Envelope Tracking for narrowband applications.
  • Ultra wideband support for LTE Advanced and 802.11ac
  • Improved thermal performance with less need for heat dissipation.
  • Makes CMOS PAs more efficient than current best-in-class GaAs PAs.

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Benefits for our planet:
  • Significantly reduced carbon footprint.
  • Shift from toxic and rare earth materials to non-toxic silicon.

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