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Benefits for handset manufacturers

ETAdvanced provides game-changing advantages for mobile handset vendors. 

Prolonged battery life

We live in a world where frustrated smartphone users often have to recharge their handsets twice per day. ETAdvanced solves this problem by extending the battery life in smartphones by 50%. This dramatic improvement in battery life is the result of a 80% reduction in heat waste.


Ultrawide band support for LTE Advanced and 802.11ac

Unlike envelope tracking, ETAdvanced fully supports ultra wideband applications. This includes the 100 MHz channels used by LTE Advanced and the 160 MHz channels used by 802.11ac WiFi.


Multi-band communications

ETAdvanced enables efficient Multiband-Multimode PAs which means that a single smartphone can be developed for worldwide markets using a multitude of different frequency bands. In contrast, some smartphones today exist in 5-10 versions for different geographies which provides design, logistics and repair challenges for vendors. ETAdvanced solves this dilemma by enabling highly efficient wideband PAs which leads to significant cost savings, reduces the form factor of handsets and simplifies manufacturing, logistics and repair processes. 


Powering CMOS PAs

ETAdvanced has a perfect fit with CMOS PAs. When combined with the Eta5 power management chipset, CMOS PAs become more efficient than current best-in-class GaAs PAs. GaAs PAs become even more efficient.