Eta Devices

What we do

Benefits for our planet

ETAdvanced helps to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, an important characteristic in an increasingly carbon constrained world. 

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

Equipping base stations with ETAdvanced on a global scale would reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 36 million tons of CO2 equivalents which corresponds to taking over 7 million cars off the road or removing the annual greenhouse gas emissions of 4.5 million American homes. 

Environmentally friendly production process

Virtually all power amplifiers used in smartphones today are made from toxic and rare earth materials. In contrast, there is a growing trend towards manufacturing CMOS PAs, made exclusively from non-toxic silicon. However, to date the efficiency achieved by CMOS PAs has been too low for mobile handsets. ETAdvanced makes it possible to embed CMOS PAs in mobile handsets and achieve higher efficiency levels than the best GaAs PAs deployed today. This is an environmentally friendly alternative that also lowers costs by utilizing existing CMOS manufacturing capacity.